R/C Aircraft Fun: Futaba 7C 2.4 Ghz

A few weeks ago I became interested in remote controlled airplane flying. I went  through a lot of online research before settling on a concept of how to approach this hobby. The most important decision to be made was choosing the main operating r/c frequency: 35/40Mhz or the newer 2,4Ghz. In terms of aqisation costs the 35Mhz equiptment is pretty cheap. But the main reason which ushered me to choose 2,4 Ghz over 35Mhz was the security issue. Utilizing technologies like frequency hopping, it is nearly impossible to loose control over a model because somebody else used your frequency.

Another decision to be made was concerning the number of channels a remote shall support. This determines how many functions of the airplane model it can directly address. While some simple entry aircrafts only need 3 or 4 channels, others need a vast array of channels for additional motors, landing flaps, landing gear or gsp tracking units.
Remote control prices are tightly coupled with the supported channel amount. So you’ll need to find a good mix between the features you want and the amount of money you are willing to pay for a remote.

Anyway, I ordered a Futaba 2,4Ghz 7 channel remote control with reciever from hobbyfly.de. The model I am planning on getting occupies four channels which still leaves three for future updates.

The Futaba<->USB cable took a while longer to arrive from Hong Kong.

Since the weather is bad and I used up all my funds for this month, I’ll only be flying in a simulator for now. Stay tuned.


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