The Technicals

Before getting into any gaming details, I’ll give a quick overview of the technology landscape in use:

Google GWT Google Web ToolkitGWT v 2.0.1
As already mentioned, the GWT Google Web Toolkit is the primary framework this project is based on. The GWT compiles Java into JavaScript code and handles all AJAX calls to the server. This way any code run on the client side is plug-in free (giving that the browser supports JavaScript).

Compiling does take quite some time (about 30sec. on this 2×2,6Ghz / 4GbRam machine).  But other than that there is not much to complain about.

GWT Incubator
The GWT Incubator project includes widgets and libraries which may be included in future GWT releases. It incorporates GWTCanvas which is a necessary library for painting on a HTML 5 Canvas element. GWTCanvas implements most of the Canvas features which makes it a perfect utility for drawing and composing complex graphics. The only major drawback is the fact that GWTCanvas does not support drawing of text.

Eclipse – Helios build
No large programming project on a JAVA basis without Eclipse. NEVER! Pared up with Googles’s GEP Eclipse Plug-in they form an ultimate weapon of mass coding!

Apache Tomcat v 6.0.X
Last thing left is a server running the server side code. Apache Tomcat is an open source Webserver which is pretty straightforward to use and up to the job. Nothing much else to say here.

How the GWT works


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