Mozilla Labs: Game On 2010 Contest opened!

At last! After a month of waiting Mozilla Labs’ own openweb programming contest started.  The rules are simple and fair. Contra to popular belief they do allow closed-source projects.

Anyway the main categories by which the judging will take place are:

  • Technology
  • Web-iness
  • Aesthetics
  • Originality
  • Polish
  • Fun

I must admit I find the categories kind of lame. I hoped for some actual gaming sections like “Best FPS”, “Best oldschool Adventure”, etc. but I guess they didn’t want to push the participants in any specific direction.

Mozilla says they dug up a bunch of prizes while the main one being a trip for two to the Game Developer Conference and the Mozilla Headquarters in San Francisco which is really awesome! The judges team will be a mix of community voters and industry experts.

The Game On! 2010 contest ends January 11th 2011. Winners will be announced at the end of January.

Alright, nuff said, back to hacking so I can submit my entry be the end of next week.


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